Trace Vehicle Ownership - Name, Address & Vehicle Information

In this era of ease everyone chooses his private vehicle rather than public transport therefore people invest a lot and are very careful about their vehicles. According to government report the private transport has amplified up to 332% till 2019 and the public transport just increased by 165% in Pakistan. Another report of state bank shows that in 2017-2018 commercial banks provided loan of RS 31 billion for just to help people to buy cars. Rendering to statics department of Pakistan number of cars rise from 1.37 million to 2.9 million in in just 13 years (2006-2019).

MarketTick.Info (MTI) Due a large number of vehicles it is very problematic to trace the vehicle details like name, address of owner & more information about vehicle but don’t worry Markettick info-MTi avails you the best tools and information for you to trace vehicle information by microscopic struggle. You just have to put registration number of the vehicle and no stone will remain unturned about the target vehicle and its owner.

The government of provinces, Azad Kashmir and capital city Islamabad provided the online information about registered vehicles this information is provided by the excise and taxation department. There are following links to trace vehicle ownership - Name, Address & Vehicle Information.
Islamabad Vehicle Verfication
Punjab Vehicle Verfication
KPK Vehicle Verfication
Sindh Vehicle Verification