(MTI) Trace Pakistani Passport Online

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Passport is a document that proves the nationality of its holder it is issued by the country’s government with the assistance of the interior ministry. In Pakistan Directorate General of Immigration & Passports of the Ministry of Interior issued the passport by means of regional passport offices as well as Pakistani embassies. It is issued to only the Pakistani citizens for 5-10 years and it is valid for all countries excluding Israel because Pakistan denies its existence. 
Any citizen of Pakistan can apply for a passport in the regional offices by in person or online. It is very hectic to find the status by going in person in the passport office therefore MarketTick.Info (MTI) provides you the best tools and information to trace Pakistani passport online.
Pakistani passport status can be checked by the call to the related department by the following contact numbers.
International users can contact: 0092-51-111-344-777
National or mobile users can contact: 051-111-344-777

Additionally, you can trace your passport by clicking the following link


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