ad1 (MTI)Tips on tracking several types of mobile phones

Are you thinking about the tracking of mobile of your friends, children, employees and other love ones? Are you thought full about how to track several types of mobile phones? If yes, you are at right place to find the tools to fulfil your desire.


You know that danger needs no permission to come so you are worried about your children (have gone to school), other loved ones (have gone outside for some important work) or want to track your employees and you to know their current location then don’t worry we are here to dump all of your worries by providing you the reliable tools to track them. You can track anyone by tracking their mobile and you can find the location of any device by following the succeeding tips

How to Track several types of mobile phones?

1.MTI Mobile Tracker

MTI mobile tracker is very popular and reliable tool to track any mobile by just giving the sim number inserted in the mobile. It makes available to you the exact mobile location in a very short time. Click the link to avail the MTI mobile tracker

2. Find My Device

This is best free of cost app to locate any mobile If you have the google account signed in the target mobile if it is connected with internet and you have signed in a google account.


How to Use Find MY Device

This app can be installed in this app by google play store ⦁ Go to setting then click on security after this click on “find my device” (setting>security>find my device) ⦁ The very easy third way to practice this app open your browser>type “find my device”> pick the account signed in your device>select an action form the given like (ring, lock, erase data, display a message)In this way, you can locate any mobile by means the signed-in google account.


3. Famisafe

This is another exceptional app to locate and track the target devices. This provides the best option to track and monitor your employees and loved one’s devices and dump all the worries arise in the mind when they are out of the scene. This tracking app has the succeeding favorable points ⦁ You can locate any device and can see browsing history of the permitted app like youtube, Google Browser, Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Twitter, Wechat, etc in addition.

How to use Famisafe app?

It can be installed by google play store then sign in using an account on your own as well as on the target device after this select some given options according to your need and start the tracking. ⦁ Install>sign in> Select suitable action> start tracking We hope this article helped you a lot and you have no more queries about “how to track several types of mobile phones”.