(MTI) Online Verification of Driving License by CNIC Number

License means the certificate given by an expert witness to own, run, or do something and driving mean to operate and control something (vehicle). Therefore, the driving license means the authorization to drive the vehicles on the road. It is very important to make sure the safety of people on roads consequently the driving license is a compulsory thing to hold before driving anything on road.

If you are looking for a qualified driver for you, your children or to run commercial vehicle then driving license will be your essential requirement but there are many ways to print a duplicate driving license which cannot be recognized easily, therefore, Markittick definitely would the best option for you to verify the driving license. Markettick Info (MTI) provides you the easiest way for the online verification of driving license.

Here is the following link by which you can verify the driving license online by just entering the CNIC NO. of the driver and can make sure the security of your vehicle, children as well as of other people on the roads. Government of provinces of Pakistan facilitate for the online verification of driving license by CNIC No.  
BY National Highway Authority (Any Province)

For Islamabad

For Punjab

For Sindh

Before verification, one must know about the categories.
The driving licenses are categorized according to the level of driving hence there are following categories of driving license 
⦁ Motor/jeep: this category holds non-commercial cars and jeeps.
⦁ PSV: This stands for public service vehicle 
⦁ LTV: LTV stands for the light transport vehicle and it includes commercial car-taxi, jeep, Minibus, and other related lightweight vehicles.       
⦁ HTV: HTV stands for heavy transport vehicles this category covers buses, trailers, cranes, trucks, and other related of heavyweight transport. 
⦁ Tractor: This category includes agriculture machinery.  
⦁ International driver permits are for the license of a driver who drives beyond the borders.  
We hope you find this article helpful regarding the online verification of driving license by CNIC number. 

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