(MTI) Track Pakistani FIR Online Police Records

FIR stands for the first information report means it is the first step on the way to the investigation of any crime. This is the first written complaint by the complainer and after the FIR registration, the police are assured to investigate and report development in the investigation. It is very tough to maintain the record and recover in a short when required in a paper-based process, therefore, police are now using the technology for the online registration and status tracking of FIR to facilitate the people as well as the its department. 

If you are a complainer and want to follow up the investigation and want to check the status of your complaint and cannot go to the police station occasionally don’t want even at that point the MarketTick.Info (MTI) will be an incomparable platform for you because it benefits you the best tools and assistance to track Pakistani FIR online police records. 

Here is the following link by which you can track the FIR online by entering the tracking number of the FIR and your CNIC No. New FIR can also be registered by this link also. This online registration would be very helpful especially for women and for those who cannot assess the police station easily.
For Punjab  
Punjab FIR Check
For Sindh  
Sindh FIR Check      
For Islamabad
Islamabad FIR Check
For Baluchistan
Baluchistan FIR Check
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