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Day: October 24, 2019

Shivi Shankaran will join EverQuote (NASDAQ:EVER) as Executive Vice President of Commercial Insurance and Special Projects

EverQuote (NASDAQ:EVER) changed 6.65% to recent value of $18.77. The stock transacted 150634 shares during most recent day however it has an average volume of 284.61K shares. It spotted trading -25.57% off 52-week high price. On the other end, the stock has been noted 363.46% away from the low price over the last 52-weeks. EverQuote […]

Stock News in Focus: DelMar Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:DMPI)

DelMar Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:DMPI) stock identified change of 33.06% away from 52-week low price and recently located move of -92.36% off 52-week high price. It has market worth of $6.49M . DMPI stock has been recorded -14.00% away from 50 day moving average and -77.38% away from 200 day moving average. Moving closer, we can see […]